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just some guy July 2, 2004 02:57
First comment: 2 July, 2004 2 comments written
You read the Grisham book. The plot confuses you!
Fathead April 6, 2006 00:12
First comment: 1 April, 2006 1136 comments written
Er, should it?
Grognor April 6, 2007 23:04
First comment: 4 April, 2007 1161 comments written
Books are, contrary to popular belief, not portals to other dimensions.
Kohkelxon January 9, 2008 17:31
First comment: 8 January, 2008 52 comments written
Dudley, stop moaning and learn the spell! I would. (But I always play a wizardEbenezum walked before me along the closest thing we could
find to a path in these overgrown woods. Every few paces he
would pause, so that I, burdened with a pack stuffed with
arcane and heavy paraphernalia, could catch up with his
wizardly strides. He, as usual, carried nothing, preferring,
as he often said, to keep his hands free for quick conjuring
and his mind free for the thoughts of a mage.
        [ A Dealing with Demons, by Craig Shaw Gardner ]

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anyway :)
Zarquil September 30, 2008 06:58
First comment: 26 September, 2008 54 comments written
I've got one of the Grisham movies playing in the background while I'm catching up on Dudley's dungeon.

I should be playing nethack, instead, shouldn't I?

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