Bridegroom to star in latest Bond

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The -already infamous- Poster of the latest Bond Release, starring Dion Nicolaas. Rumour has it the bride is the lady in the front, although many claim it is actually the lady in the back...


Enjoying a Jaws-sized Vodka-Dry Martini (yes "shaken not stirred" indeed), the latest Bond actor becomes talkative, very talkative.

Mr Nicolaas, what makes you the chosen one? Why did you do it and what makes you the right guy?

I knew that with my background in software I would have a serious advantage - fighting foes is the same, no easier in fact, as eliminating bugs. Well and as far seducing women is concerned, I have some serious day-in day-out experience with my bride and co-star, Anke Petra.

So, what happened to Pierce Brosnan?

Really the other Bond candidates had no chance at all, including Pierce. I understand Pierce is now learning to use a computer. He's found a job as Y2K specialist and has taken a sharp interest in goldfish breeding.

I understand you do all the stunts yourself...

Yes I am proud of my body and live to seek thrills. Happily enough my bride, Anke-Petra, counts among her many skills body-fixing -  to fix me  up when I hit the occasional wall, ground, car or bullet.

Thank you for this interview, Mr Nicolaas, we wish you and your bride all the best!

Well, thanks... Did I already tell you that joke about Bill at heaven's gates?

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Exclusive Preview

We are very proud to be able to show you this preview of the Bondgroom! It shows everything what James Bond, and indeed Mr Nicolaas himself stand for!

Jumping to the rescue of his bride, he has no fear as he flies towards a devasting concrete platform at neckbreaking speed. Q has supplied him with a super elastic single molecule jump cable. Using perfect timing, precision aiming and of course real guts he goes into action. We'll keep the rescue of Anke-Petra a secret, but we do show Bond's reaction at the outcome!


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