The day of my life.

Heralded from birth as the instrument of "the Lady", I Dion entered the dark cavities of Gehennom.meppen.gif (19284 bytes) It was Thursday night. My faithful tame little dog David at my side. David picked up a murky potion. I was thirsty and it was Thursday night so I quaffed it. Ooph! It tasted like liquid fire! Booze.... After a few we -the dog as well- passed out. And awoke with a headache. Zapped by a grid bug, I got mad and wielded my billiard cue. And hit.... And hit ..... And hit .....

Down and down the dungeon we went. After a few levels I noticed a door. "Closed for inventory" was written on a notice. A hungry kitten bit at my leg. By throwing a piece of taai taai, it got tame and started purring. On the medallion around its neck, Dardo was written. Now we were with a fellowship of three. Not the tree musketeers, but the tree D’s. In the next room a key was lying. It couldn’t be cursed, since my new companion picked it up and put it in front of me. Opening the store, was now a piece of cake. Welcome to Willem’s general store the shopkeeper spoke. The only thing he ever said.

Musac was playing. Rene Froger.... The pets couldn’t get enough from it. So couldn’t I. On the shelves I noticed some spells. Stored in the most convenient way. Floppy disks. Lucky enough I studied Computer Science and had my Palmtop with me. Letting my computer do the work, I read the scroll "Subere". This could only be something with a ship. A ship means transportation. Since I am in a dungeon, this couldn’t be the ship from John Franklin, so probably something else with transportation. David refused stepping on that floppy. Probably cursed. An other one was better. Whipping his tail, David enthusiastic jumped with his forelegs against me, keeping the flop between his teeth. This was better. Reading the flop. A "Giant" mountain bike appeared. Just what I always wanted. Dardo was purring and walking around a purple-red potion. Quaffing it, I felt smart, wise and self-knowledgeable. Enthusiastic, easy going, charming, chatterbox, hospital, hot tempered, and like playing with toys.....

In a corner I saw book, "Nederlands voor gevorderden" part five. That should be nice for a hobby. I only wondered how to put that book in my house. It was barely possible to get in myself. Besides I already had a book.

Calvin & Hobbes, Dutch grammar...... Yak....... Who could read that stuff. And the pronunciation, of Haagse Harry, terrible. The juggling balls in the corner were more my style. I had only fifty of them left. On the floor was engraved: David, Karel, Paul, David Anne Klaas .......... were here. The rest of the names were unreadable. Taking the bike I left the store. Only David wanted to stay, Dardo left immediately.

Entering the dungeon deeper and deeper..... Killing monsters with my blessed +3 billiard cue and my 50 uncursed +1 juggling balls. Now and then I found some comestibles. They really hit the spot. Till I reached dungeonlevel 29. Levitating across the across the lake I entered the castle. Throwing juggling balls and hitting with my cue I reached the corridor. In one of the towers I found a large box. In front of it was written "Anke Petra". Who or what is that? David whipped his tail when I read the name aloud..... It sounded Frysia. Taking an umbrella (found at a dustbin) I tried to open the box. It took ten useless umbrella’s till I finally could open the box. In it was a new umbrella. A simple one with iron handle. Opening the umbrella, I thought about the name..... With a puff of smoke 2 females appeared. An umbrella of wishing. Blessed or cursed? David ran at one of the two. Later introduced as Marije. The other introduced herself as Anke Petra. After speaking with that wonderful creature, tasting her salad. I was sure. Such a salad could only be made by an angel. The umbrella couldn’t be less than blessed. The quest was forgotten, we took the bike and left. The blessed silver bells of wedding attached to it.

Written by human.