Dudley's dungeon

Tuesday, 12 December, 2006 by azgor
! Noobley has joined
  the channel.      
< HotMamma43> Hi    
  there, Noobley.   
< Noobley> Hello.   
  I'm kind of new at
< HotMamma43> I had 
  a hunch.  ;-)     
"Sorry, Wrong Channel?"
< Noobley> Can you  
  help me with some-
  thing, HotMamma?  
< HotMamma43> Maybe.
  Tell me about     
  yourself first.   
  Just how much     
  experience do you 
  have, Noobley?    
< Noobley> Well, I'm
  18.  But I got    
  all of my         
  experience at once
  from a succubus.  
< HotMamma43> Oh my!
  Lucky you.  ;-)   
* Noobley grins.    
< HotMamma43> And   
  you say you're new
  at this?          
< Noobley> Well,    
  I've only done    
  this a few times. 
< HotMamma43> You   
  really ARE new!   
* Noobley smiles.   
< HotMamma43> Tell  
  me more about     
  yourself, Noobley.
< Noobley> Well, I'm
  a male            
< HotMamma43> Oh?   
  Where's your whip?
< Noobley> It was   
  just stolen by a  
  nymph. She took my
  hat and my leather
  jacket too.       
< HotMamma43> A     
  nymph? Sounds like
  you're having fun.
< Noobley> You could
  say that.  ;-)    
< HotMamma43> So,   
  what are you      
  wearing right now?
< Noobley> Nothing  
  at all.           
< HotMamma43> You're
< Noobley> Yeah.    
* HotMamma43 giggles
< Noobley> So, are  
  you very          
  experienced at    
  this, HotMamma?   
< HotMamma43> You   
  could definitely  
  say that.  ;-)    
< Noobley> I have a 
  problem that I    
  think you can     
  help me with,     
< HotMamma43> Is it 
  a big problem?    
< Noobley> It's     
  really big.       
< HotMamma43> Tell  
  Mamma how she can 
  help you with     
  your BIG problem. 
< Noobley> Well...  
* HotMamma43 waits  
< Noobley> Do you   
  think I can beat  
  this purple       
  python with my    
  bare hands,       
< HotMamma43> No.   
  Use your          
< Noobley> Oh, yeah.

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