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Thursday, 21 September, 2006 by Deathkin
Choose your class   
Archaeologist: p. 2 
Barbarian:     p. 3 
Caveman:       p. 4 
Healer:        p. 5 
Knight:        p. 6 
Monk:          p. 7 
NetHack: the Choose Your Own Adventure book.
You hit the newt.   
The newt bites!     
Hachi misses the    
Fight:       p. 1373
Run away:    p.  884
Wield:       p. 3601
Giving you thousands of ways to complete the story...
Fight:       p.    1
Run away:    p.    1
Wield:       p.    1
Quaff:       p.    1
Zap:         p.    1
Throw:       p.    1
Teleport:    p.    1
Apply:       p.    1
Of course, sometimes your choices don't make any difference.
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